Help using the Household Waste Management Permit service.

For safety and operational reasons the following vehicles are prohibited from entering the Household Waste Recycling Centre: *Vehicles over 2m high *Vehicles over 6m Long *Vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonne weight *Trailers exceeding 3m in length, including the tow bar

Some of these vehicles may - with roof bars or roof boxes - exceed the height limit, so access to the site will be at the discretion of site management.
In order to use the Household Waste Recycling Centre you must now have a permit with a time slot (appointment). All permits applied for prior to the 6th May 2020 are now invalid.

We anticipate that demand for these will be high and are therefore limiting number of permits a household can apply for. This limit will be increased through the year.

New time slots will become available each day.