Privacy Policy

North Tyneside Council's privacy policy covering your use of this site.

North Tyneside Metropolitan Borough Council offers various services to the public, businesses and organisations of North Tyneside and this sometimes involves us collecting personal information. This can include information about you and your family, and your personal circumstances.
The Council is required by law to keep your information safe and can only share information according to the rules set out in legislation, such as the Data Protection Act 2018. For example we are required by law to provide central government with certain sets of data.
This privacy notice provides you with basic privacy information about how the Council will use the information it holds about you. Detailed information about how we do this is available from the services you use and the Council's website. We may use information about you for any Council purpose or service, including:

  • Providing and managing services, such as leisure and cultural services, social services and public health, and environmental services such as refuse collections provided to the community.
  • Supporting other local public bodies such as schools.
  • Managing assets we own, such as property and parks, where we may use information, for instance, to decide upon where improvements to facilities are needed.
  • Promoting the services we provide and local tourism, for instance for analysis of who uses services and who doesn't, to try and improve marketing
  • Licensing and regulatory activities, including enforcement of parking regulations and restrictions.
  • Identifying and reducing crime, such as the use of CCTV and fraud initiatives, which may include data matching under local and national fraud initiatives including benefit fraud.
  • Managing financial accounts, including the assessment and collection of taxes and other revenue.
  • Management activities, such as managing our employees.
  • Service Planning activities, including undertaking research, surveys and data analysis to allow the Council to effectively target and plan how we provide services.

Where necessary, we may share information about you with other organisations if we have your consent, or the law permits or requires us to. This can include sharing information with central government, government agencies and departments, Ombudsman and other regulatory authorities.
Some services are provided by a variety of partnerships with a range of agencies from the public, private, community and voluntary sectors. They are only allowed to use your information for Council purposes and at all times within the rules set out in the Data Protection Act 1998.